French Level 1

Convenor:   Pam Cocchiara   Phone: 01633 892928

Meetings:   Fridays, 9.45 - 11.15

Members of this group have progressed from Basic Beginners but are not yet ready to commit to the somewhat more academic nature of the French 2 Group.

We use the Fašon de Parler series of books as a basis for learning and are currently on Book 2. The structure is one that aims to make progress in the French language while always reinforcing and building on what has already been covered. We work at a steady pace, ensuring that everyone has grasped each new element before moving on to the next.

Members are encouraged to participate in speaking the language and, although homework is completely voluntary, most members find it helpful to do something outside of class time.

As convenor, I have always believed that learning should be fun and that we can keep our brains active whilst enjoying ourselves.

This is a very friendly and sociable group and new members are always made to feel welcome.

Pam Cocchiara

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