Easy Movement

Convenor:   Clive Hard   Phone: 01633 254631

Meetings:   12.15 - 1.15 Wednesdays

Regular gentle exercise can help to prevent many of the aches and pains we get as we grow older. It can also be fun and help you to get more out of life.


  • Helps you to sleep better
  • Can help to relieve depression
  • Can increase the elasticity of your skin, and so help you to look younger


Well - exercise can also help to:

  • Prevent heart disease and high blood pressure
  • Keep your weight down
  • Prevent your muscles from weakening
  • Keep your joints flexible

Best of all, it can improve your general health and increase your resistance to illness and infection. As we grow older changes occur in our bodies, joints become stiffer and perhaps arthritic or rheumatic. We can relive this by doing exercises to keep them mobile and to strengthen muscles.

  • Circulation may become sluggish - regular exercise will tone it up and keep you warm in winter
  • Your balance may worsen; achieving a better posture will help to counteract this
  • Your self-confidence may start to go; learning to sit and stand tall can help with this.

And, last but not least, exercise can be great fun, adding to both your physical and mental alertness and relaxation. It can help to put those worries into their right perspective and it can make you a lot of new friends.

Clive Hard

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