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Rides are undertaken monthly during the summer. They mainly follow flat cycle paths and are undertaken at a leisurely pace. The network of canal towpaths that converge on Newport from the north and the Gwent Levels to the south provide lots of interesting routes, all on our doorstep. So far the rides have ranged from 5 to 25 miles and taken from one to three hours to complete.

When out cycling our aim is to keep together in a group, so we set a leisurely pace and no one gets left behind. We also have stops at points of interest and a café or a pub for a refreshment break. Cycling is a great way to exercise and has low impact on hips and knees. It's also a good way to socialise, get some fresh air and to appreciate the countryside close up.

2019 Programme
The programme will have a selection of rides, some short and some longer, to cater for as many people as possible. As in previous years, the rides will be on a Tuesday, starting around 10.30 am. The rides will start in April and go through to October.

The 2019 programme can be found here.

A description of the rides completed in 2018 can be found here.


The route will have been reconnoitered by the ride leader partly to identify any risks so the Group can be informed before they set off. Cycling in a group is safe if some common sense precautions are followed. These are:-

  • avoiding collisions by leaving a gap between riders.
  • riding in single file along roads and not more than two abreast off road. Remember that most off road tracks are shared with pedestrians. If approaching them from behind, give them plenty of warning by ringing your bell.
  • letting other riders in your group know if you intend to stop by shouting "stopping" loudly.
  • keeping the group together by having a leader in front who will set the pace. If there is a big group have a backstop who can signal to the front with a whistle if there is a need to stop.

All those participating in a ride do so at their own risk. A form is issued to members when they join the group asking for emergency contact details and medical information. The ride leader will hold this information because it is of assistance if they should they be involved in an accident which requires the emergency services to be called.


Firstly a safe and roadworthy bike. Then I think it's necessary to have a bell and to carry a bike lock. It's also highly advisable to wear a helmet, cycling gloves and some item of hi viz clothing. The ride leader will carry a first aid kit, a pump and a tyre repair kit but bring yours along if you have them.

Martin Shepherd

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