Visit by the History Group to BBC Llandaff Cardiff

Pat Fackrell arranged a wonderful visit to the BBC Studios at Llandaff Cardiff. Nicola and Jessica were our Guides for the afternoon, and we started with a brief history of the BBC in Wales. The first radio broadcast was in1923 and the first television broadcast in 1936. We were shown the basic equipment broadcasters used in the early days, and how over the years the equipment has been developed and improved.

We visited the BBC Radio Wales studios, we were taken to the directors room with an array of switches buttons and lights, then in the "Good Morning Wales" Radio studio, Nicola and Jessica talked through the procedures of broadcasting a live radio show.

We were given a guided tour of the building including the Scrum 5 and Crimewatch television studios, plus the old set for the television programme Pobol-y-cwm.

Glyn, the BBC Television Channel Director, was a great character. His studio has a massive bank of television screens, all showing different live shows from each of the BBC channels. He sat at a control panel, and he gave us a detailed insight into how links are made between programmes and how when a programme over runs, very often at short notice, he deals with the changed schedules.

We were then taken to the BBC Wales television News and weather Studio, we had a photograph taken sitting in Jamie Owen's chair, and in front of Derek's weather map. We were amazed how with a touch of a button the new technology changes the background scenes, and the presenter sits alone in a studio full of cameras, screens and lights.

In the distance we sighted Jamie Owen, and we were very fortunate to talk to the Welsh Screenwriter and Actor Boyd Clack. To round off a marvellous visit we met talked and had a photograph taken with Jonathan Davies.

Jackie Kerr,

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